Outlook's Overlooked Features

Most computer programs in accordance with the old 80/20 rule - 80% of users only use 20% of this function. Although not all the opportunities Outlook, the importance of each user, you can help us to improve the performance of Outlook user information about some of the features often overlooked.

One of these functions can be configured to run Outlook folders except the Inbox - and, perhaps, Outlook Today. Outlook Today gives you an overview of your upcoming appointments and meetings, and tasks, and show how many new messages you have, you are in another folder. If you are an avid user of Outlook Today, you can check the folders Outlook to start today. To do this, click "Customize" Outlook Today "at the prospect of today screen, then select" starts, go directly to Outlook Today "option. You can also configure Outlook to start another one of the folders by default. To do this, select Tools Options tab and then the other. Click Advanced, and use the "Start in this folder" list, select a folder to display when you start Outlook. In the folder, you can choose to run Outlook, depending on your version of Outlook. In Outlook 2000, then you are limited to email, calendar, contacts and tasks. In Outlook 2002, you can choose day or Notes folders.

Calendar tag is easy to use and other options. Currently, only Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2002 Calendar Tag allows you to color code appointments, meetings and events based on the label. When I see my calendar, I know, may be linked with the appointment of the green. Assigning a color code to help me better plan my day, I am mentally ready for the types of tasks I have to work today. The label assigned to a particular office, meeting or event, click shortcuts for appointment on the first page of the form. You can not add or remove labels, but you can change the name tags are provided for 10. When you are finished editing the label name, then click "OK" to save the changes.

If you use Exchange Server in the environment, you can use the opportunity to open Outlook mailboxes and folders. For example, when I travel outside the office, I try my best to keep my calendar updated. He could open my schedule to see me at some point during the day. If there are problems in the office, I have a meeting, he did not give me the floor, except in emergency situations. If, however, between him and me, the meetings, there are problems, it might give me a call, and I hope that can be found. The issue of permits to other users, your Calendar folder, right-click the Calendar folder in the folder list and select "Properties." Tab to the issuance of permits and authorizations for the user. Users can then open the folder Outlook calendar client to select the file, open the file to other users, please enter your name and select the folder you want access to. This feature in Outlook 2003 to be again, you can display multiple files side by side in the window. The file of each calendar has its own color, so you can just tell them that you see the calendar at any time.

Some Outlook Express Errors.

Microsoft Outlook Express users who use applications to meet the needs of sending and receiving e-mail. To resolve the error, in Outlook Express has become increasingly important. In order to prevent confusion, Microsoft Outlook Express application is different from the Microsoft Outlook e-mail client bundled with Microsoft Office. In contrast, the former is bundled with Internet Explorer, rather than in the Microsoft Office suite. We list the following common problems faced by users of Microsoft Outlook Express, and provide relevant solutions.

1. Slow loading of Outlook Express

This issue of Outlook Express is Microsoft's implementation of Microsoft Windows Messenger. The solution is to go to the Tools menu of Microsoft Outlook Express, in the sub-options menu, uncheck the option to automatically log on to Windows Messenger.

2. Can not receive e-mail

When you can not receive e-mail, but you can give them, it is possible to run your domain name space. When this occurs, you have too many e-mail to stay in your inbox or sent mail folder in Microsoft Outlook Express. Under such circumstances, it will be a good idea to delete some e-mail from your inbox, sent mail, or any other folder, you can. Alternatively, you can increase the disk space for your e-mail accounts continue to receive e-mail.

3. Outlook Express error 0x800420CB

This is a common problem faced by most users of Microsoft Outlook Express. Caused by this error, unable to open e-mail. Most likely to lead to this problem is corruption. dbx files. This type of paper used by Microsoft Outlook Express application. To solve this problem involves a few simple steps. In the main menu, select Tools. And then click the Account tab, then select Mail Options. Click the e-mail account, delete the duplicate option, then select. Repeat these steps until all the duplicate e-mail has been deleted. In most cases, this step should be on the one hand, to solve the problem. Otherwise, rename the file Outbox.dbx. This can easily be found through the Windows search tool.

4. Can not delete e-mail

If you can not delete old e-mail, your "deleted items folder" may have been damaged. When this happens a copy, delete the e-mail sent to the "deleted e-mail folders" when the e-mail be deleted. Transfer all messages from this folder to another folder. Subsequently, the closure of Microsoft Outlook Express and delete "to delete Items.dbx" document. You will need to adjust your Windows settings to see hidden files in order to determine the location of the document.

Just some of the above-mentioned methods to solve many problems that may arise in the use of Microsoft Outlook Express application.

Get Clean With a Slide Out Trash

Find a place to store your trash can is a convenient way out, but not ugly can be a real challenge in the right. Space is at a premium, and no one is willing to kick a bag of garbage, as they walked to their coach. We can also make your garbage bags and disposed of outside, and then go to bed. But sometimes you may have forgotten that there are many in one area or bear critters, you may realize that a large canteen.

Install a slide-out trash can in fact quite simple. If you choose to residential type, the tool kit can be used with all you need to start. You can also use the drawer slides package if you want a little more durable, but they may spend more. You have to find a way to ensure that the trash drawer so that it will not slide down the drawer. This can be done by bolting through the drawers at the bottom of the trash, use the Trash large fender washers, so the bottom bolt will not survive.

Slider can be installed in several different ways. First, the simplest way is to use the residential package. bracketry provided is no more than two of the four slide and "L" brackets. Wood screws for each bracket secured at the bottom of the cabinet you are installing railings and then trash-inch brackets attached to the machine screw. The General Assembly believes that the trash has been very little of the sliding roller guide wheels to rails installed in the cabinet. This is the simplest and quickest way to have a basic slide a trash can.

Another way to do the installation if you have a cabinet, its size will not be allowed to off-the-shelf kits, direct installation, no need to change. You can even add some interval with slides on both sides of the cabinet, therefore, to remove the outer cabinet surface decoration. You may even have to play a cautious style and creativity and how to mount your slides to the cabinet. There are many types of brackets, and all can work at your local home improvement store.

If you really want fancy, you can add a door installation package. This bag is used to mount the cabinet door to open your trash usually decline when the end of the slide, so that when you pull on the door handles, doors and trash all slide units. Installation is very simple. To remove the door from the cabinet. Deleted depending on the door from. Sliding door to slide the end of the brackets and safety.

Advanced Security for Outlook

Get rid of annoying security alerts in Microsoft Outlook! Advanced Security for Outlook allows you to determine the violator as well as specifying the status for this program for future occasions e.g. allow access, block access or run the default Outlook handler. Future specified actions will be executed automatically and Outlook Security will cease to annoy you with messages concerning attempts to access e-mail addresses you have stored in Outlook.

The standard security system has two drawbacks: first, it does not allow users to determine the source of the threat, second, a lot of other applications developed before the security system appeared can be unbearably annoying due to the constant warning appearances. Since the security system is constantly updated, even a "fresh" program can get into the list of such applications. There is still another drawback resulting from the first two: the user must temporarily disable the security system thus allowing any other program to work without any security system restrictions.

This Outlook add-in solves all of the above problems providing the information not only about the type of alert, but also about what program caused it and makes it possible for the user to specify what status this program should have: allow access, block access or run the default Outlook handler. Later on you can change or delete the decision taken.

It should be mentioned that there is a range of tasks (albeit rather limited) which an Outlook developer can implement only through the use of the object model and its "blocked" methods. In this case Advanced Security is an indispensable Outlook add-in when using such an application.


Will Google change Microsoft's Outlook?

The success of Microsoft's new decision engine Bing has undoubtedly put a bee in Google's bonnet, but that doesn't mean the Mountain View search giant hasn't had a few counter attacks up its sleeve.

Already showing signs of disgruntlement that many Bing users are crowing about features of the decision engine that Google's offering happens to have offered for quite some time (today, Google added a link detailing these on its famously unclogged homepage), Google has also recently hit back at Microsoft in a market where it normally excels: its email software.

Recently, Google created an Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook, which allows users to access their emails from their Gmail account, keeping the Outlook facade and layout. The key change occurring here is that, instead of company servers storing users' data and back-end functionality, all of this information would be moved onto Google.

Hardly wanting to hear that Outlook users liked Google so much they were choosing to store emails online with the Mountain View colossus, Microsoft was speedy in identifying any problems App Sync for Microsoft Outlook possessed, and quickly announced that the current version of the programme doesn't let users search through their stored emails.

Dev Balasubramanian, Outlook's product manager, wrote on his blog: "The installation of the Google Apps Sync plugin disables Outlook's ability to search any and all of your Outlook data.

"It is also important to note that uninstalling the plugin may not fix the issue."

In a blog post on Google's end, Google Apps senior product manager Chris Vander Mey said: "We're working with Microsoft and other partners to help fix these issues and support additional Outlook features like multiple calendars.

"We'll keep you posted on our progress."

If Google's attempt to annex Microsoft's Outlook users works, a critical struggle for email customers will wage yet more powerfully between the two industry goliaths. And, what with Bing's week on week growth into popular search since its arrival at the start of June, Google will be keen to keep ahead of the game - despite protestations that that's exactly where it's always been - any way it can.

Outlook POP3 Password Recovery

Professional secret code restoration utility uses advance techniques to quickly and easily handle the task of recovering email account password from Microsoft office outlook and outlook express. Software saves recovered information to text file at user specified location. Outlook POP3 password recovery software can recover password of various email services account like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Rediffmail etc configured on outlook and outlook express. Forgotten outlook login password recovery software with simple functionality provides a proficient method to decrypt passwords of different email or news group subscription account created on outlook express along with incoming and outgoing server information and server port number. Outlook email password retrieval software provides comprehensive solution to recover multilingual password of any length and complexity. Lost outlook express password viewer tool can also restore password from PST, MBX and DBX files. Non-destructive asterisk password uncover software recover lost passwords from all major versions of outlook express (5.0, 6.0 and 7.0) and Microsoft office outlook (2003, 2007). Outlook and outlook express password recovery program can retrieve password on Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, 2003, XP and Windows Vista operating system.
* Outlook POP3 password recovery software saves recovered information to text file at user specified location.
* Email password revealer utility facilitates user to recover password (support multilingual password) of any length and complexity.
* MS office outlook password restoration program quickly recovers outlook identities password of multiple user account.
* Password unlock tool fully supports all major versions of Microsoft office outlook and outlook express mail server.

iYogi Acquires Clean Machine Inc.

Larry Gordon, Founder of Clean Machine appointed as President Global Channel Sales at iYogi

New York, NY, May 11th, 2009 : iYogi, a global direct to consumer and small business remote technical support provider, today announced it’s acquisition of Clean Machine Inc, a provider of remotely administered PC security and performance management services. Clean Machine will operate as a separate brand under the iYogi services umbrella along with the recently lunched Support Dock (www.supportdock.com) and its comprehensive range of 24/7 technical support services for computers, printers, MP3 players, digital camera, routers, servers and more than 100 software applications. Larry Gordon, Founder of Clean Machine is appointed as the President of Global Channel Sales for iYogi.

computer repair,help and support

iYogi will integrate technology and innovation that Clean Machine Inc. has developed for delivering an enhanced service experience by proactively managing the health and security for PC's and Apple Computers. This acquisition also broadens iYogi's access to key markets through Clean Machine's existing partnerships. Larry Gordon's past experience and successful track record will accelerate iYogi's expansion through his focus on global alliances.
Commenting on the acquisition of Clean Machine Inc., Uday Challu, CEO & Co-founder of iYogi, said,

"This acquisition will help iYogi to enhance our customer experience and extend our market reach to the millions of consumers that are challenged by the increasingly complex technology environment. Clean Machine's proactive maintenance and management of PCs in home and small business environment will be our launch platform for building the next generation of managed services for consumers."

"We are delighted to have Larry spearheading partnerships and global alliances for iYogi. His incredible experience in marketing, sales and building global alliances will help forge partnerships with retailers, multiple service operators, software publishers, original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and other such companies that are at the frontlines for managing tech support issues for consumers and small businesses",
added Challu.

With more than 20 years of experience, Larry Gordon has played a variety of strategic roles in marketing, sales and building alliances. Larry was the Executive Vice President at Capgemini and Kanbay. He was also VP of Global Marketing for Cognizant (Nasdaq: CTSH), a leader in global IT services and Director of Marketing for New York based Information Builders.

"I am excited to join a company that shares a common mission to Clean Machine in creating a global brand for delivering the best technical support to consumers and small businesses. We also share a common approach of utilizing highly skilled talent with leading edge tools, thereby delivering services at incredible price-points, with high margins for our partners",
said Larry Gordon, the newly appointed President of Global Channel Sales at iYogi.


Headquartered in Gurgaon, India with offices in New York, USA, iYogi provides personalized computer support for consumers and small businesses in United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. IYogi's 24/7 phone and remote technical assistance, spans across a comprehensive range of technologies we use every day from a wide range of vendors. Utilizing its proprietary technology iMantra , and highly qualified technicians, iYogi delivers amongst the highest benchmarks for resolution and customer satisfaction. iYogi is privately held and funded by SAP Ventures, Canaan Partners, and SVB India Capital Partners. iYogi was recently awarded the Red Herring Global 100 Award, recognizing it as one of the 100 most innovative private companies driving the future of technology. For more information on iYogi and a detailed list of technologies supported, visit: www.iyogi.net.


Clean Machine Inc. is a NJ-based and incorporated company that helps consumers and small business owners easily manage and protect their computing environments safely and cost effectively. The company is has a unique, powerful and inexpensive PC concierge service. Specifically, each customer is assigned a highly-trained tech concierge who remotely examines their computer system on a scheduled and very secure basis. The PC concierge will immediately fix software-based problems and prevent new threats to the customer's computing environment including offensive pop-ups, browser redirects and slow performance, and then provides a detailed report. Clean Machine's proprietary Radar(TM) technology (Remote Access Detection Audit and Repair) allows its expert technicians to remotely resolve any problems, eliminating the need for customers to go through the frustrating process of speaking with a tech support expert, and still having to do the work themselves. In other words, the Clean Machine PC concierges do it all. For more information on Clean Machine please visit www.pccleanmachine.com.